Feb 10, 2009

Will Smith: Hollywood's Most Bankable Star

Wondering who to cast in your next movie? Looks like Will Smith should be at the top of your list! According to a new Forbes magazine report, Will Smith is Hollywood's most bankable movie star.

The list, also featuring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, was compiled by a collaboration among more than 150 entertainment industry professionals, including directors and producers.

Among other factors, the stars were ranked on their ability to attract financing for a project as will as box office success. "Seven Pounds", Smith's most recent film, has already earned more than $141.6 million worldwide.


  1. This is really interesting!!! I would def. agree with their pick! I think Will Smith does stellar work!!

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  3. Among all the A-list stars, Will Smith does seem to be the only one to consistently generate block busters.