Feb 5, 2009

Sequel: "Sex and the City"

Alana -- this one's for you!

A sequel to the $400M-grossing film adaptation of the TV series is on its way, folks. Yesterday afternoon, writer/director Michael Patrick King -- along with Sarah Jessica Parker and her three co-stars -- signed contracts with studio bosses at New Line.

King has yet to begin writing a script for the sequel, but he is reportedly targeting a summer 2010 release date.

What do you think? Will the sequel be as successful as the first film?


  1. YAAAAYYYYY!!!! sooo looking forward to being 'carried away' yet again!

  2. I think it definitly will be!! I am SO excited about it! long live Sex & the City!!!
    I think everyone who saw the first will go to the second! (even though sequels are generally never as good as the first...minus a few example such as Shrek!....one still can not help but find out what happens next!)